The newness of springtime

Spring is all about renewal: Flower buds bloom and the grass grows green again. Let's celebrate this season's newness. Every answer to the clues below ends with the sound or spelling of "new."

1. Wide street

2. Bill of fare

3. President Richard Nixon's vice president

4. Income

5. Welcome in Québec

6. Investigator's query

7. French phrase that means "in strict confidence"

8. Make one's way by oneself (aphorism)

9. Knee (in anatomy)

10. Scene of a crime, for example

11. Common greeting for a friend or family member

12. Nickname for William Henry Harrison

13. Simple and unsophisticated person

14. Exhortation to subscribers

15. Someone new to wealth or power

16. A celebrity's crowd

ANSWERS: (1) Avenue; (2) Menu; (3) Spiro Agnew; (4) Revenue; (5) "Bienvenue"; (6) Who knew? (7) Entre nous; (8) Paddle one's own canoe; (9) Genu; (10) Venue; (11) What's new? (12) Tippecanoe (Harrison is best remembered for his campaign slogan, "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too." He received the nickname after defeating the Shawnee Indians in 1811 at Tippecanoe River in Indiana.) (13) Ingenue; (14) Renew! (15) Parvenu; (16) Retinue.

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