Does this look familiar?

There are cash windfalls, and then there is what happened to Lisa Tonks. She recently became $177 richer - although, in fact, the money was hers all along. It seems she had lost her wallet in 1985 while on a vacation trip to Yellowstone National Park. Someone else found it and turned it over to the local police. But the only form of identification inside was her Social Security card, and the cops had more pressing matters to deal with first. So 20 years went by before a member of the force decided to find out whether the number on the card could still be traced. It could - to Peru, Ind., where she lives. "She was quite surprised," said Tom Turcol of the Jackson, Wyo., Police, who came up with the idea for the trace. "She figured it was gone, and that's that."

Commemorative quarters: The last shall be, well, last

The US Mint recently passed the halfway point in its 10-year distribution of commemorative state quarters. There are now 18 of the themed coins to go. The latest rollout - of the Minnesota quarter - occurred April 4. Each quarter is released in the sequence in which the state joined the union. (In Minne-sota's case: May 11, 1858.) Here, in order, are those still to be minted, the year of issuance, and the date on which the state was admitted:


Oregon Feb. 14, 1859
Kansas Jan. 29, 1861
West Virginia June 20, 1863


Nevada Oct. 31, 1864
Nebraska Oct. 31, 1864
Colorado Aug. 1, 1876
North Dakota Nov. 2, 1889
South Dakota Nov. 2, 1889


Montana Nov. 8 1889
Washington Nov. 11, 1889
Idaho July 3, 1890
Wyoming July 10, 1890
Utah Jan. 4, 1896
Oklahoma Nov. 16, 1907
New Mexico Jan. 6, 1912
Arizona Feb. 14, 1912
Alaska Jan. 3, 1959
Hawaii Aug. 21, 1959

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