Point of view: An image waiting to happen

The mustard-colored wall has the kind of patina that interior designers madly pursue on TV. But there is nothing "faux" about this finish. The blemished surface is the product of history, not some chemical concoction from a can. The street name, "Pureza," is Spanish for "purity." The letters are on ceramic tiles, as though such a word is too precious for mere metal or paint. And who could miss the traffic arrow pointing left? I wonder if the municipal crew laughed at the composition they created, a metaphorical "Purity to the left." When I saw it while riding my bicycle down a side street in Seville, Spain, I hit the brakes. I jumped off my bike and searched in my panniers for my camera. Finding this image made my day. I got back on my bike with a smile on my face. And then, of course, I turned left.

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