I try to teach them right

There are highly paid professional athletes, and then there is Michael Schumacher. The German driving champion pulls down an estimated $80 million a year in winnings on the Formula One racing circuit. So he can afford to be indulgent when it comes to the weekly allowance for his two young children, right? Maybe, but that doesn't mean he is. Daughter Gina-Maria and son Mick are handed two euros ($2.64) each - "just like other children," he told the mass-circulation magazine Stern in an interview, adding: "They have to learn [that] wealth isn't automatic."

A-ten-hut! When women choose military careers

The Army can boast of having more women in uniform than any other branch of the US armed forces - but not by much. According to the latest available statistics, the Army barely beats the Air Force in sheer numbers (74,907 to 72,738), although the Air Force has a clear lead when it comes to the percentage of female officers and enlistees. A look at the distaff side of the armed forces, by branch (with totals in parentheses), and the percentages of women in the officer corps and enlisted ranks:


Officers (11,964) 15.0%
Enlisted (62,943) 15.2%

Officers (8,244) 15.0%
Enlisted (46,943) 15.2%

Marine Corps
Officers (1,075) 6.0%
Enlisted (9,560) 6.0%

Air Force
Officers (13,384) 18.0%
Enlisted (59,354) 20.0%

Coast Guard
Officers (951) 12.8%
Enlisted (3,175) 10.2%

- Women's Research and Education Initiative

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