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The guests for the Beogner- Myburgh wedding near Johannesburg, South Africa, last Saturday shifted uncomfortably in their seats as the minutes dragged by with no sign of either bride or groom. Finally, almost an hour late, the couple showed up and the ceremony began. Where had they been? Well, both Gustav Myburgh and Barbara Beogner are police officers, and as they were being chauffeured to the church (by a fellow cop) they saw three men robbing a motorist at gunpoint. Instinct took over, and the wedding party stopped to intervene. A chase ensued before the bad guys were forced off the road and arrested. Then, of course, the suspects had to be turned over to officers who were on duty at the time.

For baseball tourists, more short hops are in Arizona

Baseball fans hoping to get a jump on the coming season migrate to two states this time of year: Florida and Arizona. They are where the major league teams maintain their spring training bases and play their tuneup games, beginning Wednesday - either in the so-called Grapefruit League (Florida) or Cactus League (Arizona). Traditionally, there is more action in Florida, where players for 18 teams report to 16 different cities scattered widely around the state. (Example: Fort Lauderdale, the home of the Baltimore Orioles, and Dunedin, the base of the Toronto Blue Jays, are 267 miles apart.) From a fan's perspective, however, Arizona may have the edge because the 12 other teams are much more concentrated, with 10 in and around Phoenix, and the remaining two just 110 miles away in Tucson. Arizona's spring-training bases and the teams that call them home:

Phoenix Milwaukee Brewers

Oakland A's

Surprise Kansas City Royals Texas Rangers
Peoria San Diego Padres Seattle Mariners
Mesa Chicago Cubs
Tempe Los Angeles Angels
Scottsdale San Francisco Giants
Tucson Chicago White Sox Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies

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