Reporters on the Job

Just Another Sniper: Staff writer Dan Murphy had just finished writing today's story (this page) from Hit (pronounced Heat) while sitting in an Iraqi home recently occupied by the 3rd platoon of the US Marines Bravo Company, when two shots rang out.

Lance Cpl. Jason Riggs of San Antonio, Texas, was looking over Dan's shoulder at his story, and barely looked up at the sound. Three other marines in the room were equally nonchalant. After a moment or two, they checked in with the marines on the roof who reported back that two shots had hit the ledge just below them. "They made a brief call to headquarters and started tracking the sniper down," says Dan. "But there was no adrenaline, no sign that anything out of the ordinary had happened. These guys have been shot at so much that it's become routine."

Gone Titi Spotting: Reporter Bill Faries hasn't seen a titi monkey himself yet. "But one of the scientists told me that with a good guide, tourists should be able to get a look," says Bill.

The habitat of the newly discovered species is relatively close to an eco-lodge in Bolivia's Madidi National Park. Bill has booked a room next month to catch a glimpse of the monkey. Perhaps by then it will have a name (page 1).

David Clark Scott
World editor

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