May I leave this with you?

Judging by the haste with which police in Durham, England, evacuated their own station after a man walked in with a shopping bag one day last week, you'd think he had a bomb in it. In fact, he did. OK, it was a World War II artillery shell, but - hey - it was still live. The fellow had been convinced by a TV program on warfare to give up his souvenir. So he hand-carried it through town - "something we'd obviously advise against," a spokesman for the force said. After some anxious moments, an explosives team was summoned to remove and detonate it safely.

Couples who who also hit the heights as sports stars

Mia and Nomar are so well known in sports circles that their surnames are optional. Recently retired soccer star Mia Hamm and all-star caliber shortstop Nomar Garciaparra have something else in common. They married in 2003 and, in the estimation of Sports Illustrated online columnist Pete McEntegart, they rank as the No. 1 couple in sports. In compiling the best athlete marriages of all time, McEntegart didn't limit himself to those that have been successful - Terry Bradshaw and JoJo Starbuck, for example, didn't stay hitched long - but to those in which both partners enjoyed high levels of athletic success. McEntegarts's top 10, with the sport of each partner:

1. Mia Hamm soccer Nomar Garciaparra baseball
2. Steffi Graf tennis Andre Agassi tennis
3. Dana Ingrova track Emil Zatopek track
4. Nancy Lopez golf Ray Knight baseball
5. Nadia Comaneci gymnastics Bart Connor gymnastics
6. JoJo Starbuck ice skating Terry Bradshaw football
7. Florence Griffith track Al Joyner track
8. Ann Meyers basketball Don Drysdale baseball
9. Gabrielle Reece volleyball Laird Hamilton surfing
10. Nancy Chaffee tennis Ralph Kiner baseball

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