A Week's Worth

Dollar up? The greenback is bouncing back, having reached a three-month high against the euro last week. Although analysts say the dollar could edge up in the short term, the long-term trend still looks downward. US manufacturers are beginning to see that fall translate into a rise in their exports, which set a record in December. A further fall could help hotels and mining companies, says Schwab.

A passion for work? Employees 55 and over are more likely than young go- getters to say their organization inspires the best in them. The margin was 43 to 28 percent, according to a survey. "Companies have to wake up to the fact that their young workers - their managers and skilled professionals of tomorrow - are the most dissatisfied and least engaged workers today," says Tamara Erickson of the Concours Group, which sponsored the survey with Age Wave, an independent think tank.

If your job seems stale, there are ways to rekindle the excitement, says staffing firm Ajilon Office. Ask about new projects or other assignments you can do. Master skills needed for a higher position. Even interacting more frequently with co-workers can be a pick-me-up.

Got a bad boss? Now you can tell him or her how to improve. A website (www.badbossology.com), which carries articles about how to handle difficult supervisors, has launched an e-mail service so that workers can send the material - anonymously - to their boss. So far, "we haven't had any negative feedback," says cofounder Gary Lahey.

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