Is this some sort of joke?

In Jessen, Germany, last week a policeman returned to the station house from parking-ticket duty to report a particularly egregious violation - a car that had been left on the wrong side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. But while the town manager came to his defense, telling reporters, "Traffic regulations apply to everyone," it's a safe guess that his fellow officers weren't impressed. Why? Because he'd written a citation for a radar-equipped cruiser that was engaged in a speed trap.

And ... action! Hollywood points camera at business

With so many megamergers and corporate scandals making headlines, don't be surprised if Hollywood finds ways to dramatize them. After all, screenwriters and directors have managed to make compelling human dramas with business backdrops before. Forbes magazine, in fact, once compiled a list of the 10 greatest business movies of all time. "Citizen Kane," the 1941 classic starring Orson Welles as a newspaper mogul, topped the list, which also included a couple of "Godfather" movies about underworld business. The list:

1. "Citizen Kane"
2. "The Godfather: Part II"
3. "It's a Wonderful Life"
4. "The Godfather"
5. "Network"
6. "The Insider"
7. "Glengarry Glen Ross"
8. "Wall Street"
9. "Tin Men"
10. "Modern Times"

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