Eponymous feminine figures

Eponyms are derived from the names of people. Who are these women and what are the items that were named after them?

1. Feminist Amelia Jenks B- - - - - - fought for sensible clothes for women, including this garment.

2. The daughter of a Viennese automobile investor inspired the name of this luxury car.

3. Maria Ann Smith gave her name to this fruit (a favorite in pies) that she cultivated in Australia.

4. When a famous opera star arrived unexpectedly at his restaurant, the chef improvised this peach dessert and named it for her.


(1) 'Bloomers' were loose trousers gathered at the knee; (2) Emil Jellinek encouraged the Daimler company to create the 'Mercedes'; (3) Granny Smith apple; (4) 'Peach Melba,' after Dame Nellie Melba of Australia.

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