Edward Kennedy

US Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts was Thursday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On his party's speaking out about values:

"I welcome the debate on the values issues. If this is the area that we are going to have a debate ... we are going to win it, hands down."

On the mood of Democratic voters:

"I find people are activated. The young people are still activated. I find there is an energy that is out there. Contributors are all active."

On perceived Republican political vulnerabilities:

"I don't believe that the Democrats should win from the other side losing. But you have a disaster of unlimited proportions going on in Iraq today ... and you have a failing dollar that is just ... waiting for the Middle East countries to shift to the euro."

On whether Democrats would support private investment accounts not funded by Social Security taxes:

"If this was supplemental ... I think [it] makes a good deal of sense. This would not [use payroll taxes]."

On prospects for bipartisan action on education:

"I am filled with some hope with regards to education because of [Education Secretary- designate] Margaret Spellings, who has [President Bush's] ear. And therefore, when she says yes and no, it is yes and no. I think it is possible to get some things done."

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