Doggone dog gunned it

No one was hurt and no citations were issued, but Michael Henson learned that leaving a dog alone in a truck, especially one with the motor running, isn't a good idea. Henson figured it would be OK for the short time needed to run into a Springdale, Ark., auto parts store to find what he needed to repair a sticking throttle. Moments later Henson heard a crash, looked up, and saw his dog had driven the truck part way through a store window.

Boys. What are yours?

From Northside Hospital in Atlanta comes word that 20-somethings Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Springer both gave birth to twin sons Dec. 14, a few weeks early. Neither was predicted to deliver until New Year's Day. OK, that's an interesting coincidence, you say, but so what? The mothers themselves are twins from the same family. Statistically, said a doctor at Northside who specializes in pregnancies, the likelihood of that happening is about one in 1 million cases.

For library books online, expect some 'heavy reads'

In partnership with a handful of major libraries, Google, the most-used Internet search engine, will begin to provide unrestricted public access to huge collections. Joining it in this project are the New York Public Library and the university libraries of Harvard, Stanford, Oxford in England, and the University of Michigan. Already, Michigan has announced the first 10 titles it is making available online. They are:

"Darwin, and After Darwin"
"Social Interaction and Ethnic Segregation"*
"True Stories of Pioneer Life"*
"Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers of the Civil War, 1861-1865, Vol. 1"*
"The Return of the Middle Class"
"The Role of GATT in Relation to Trade and Development"*
"A New View of Society & Other Writings"*
"Books of Culture" *=only snippets available - Associated Press

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