Insulator price is a shock

Jeanie Quimby of Eugene, Ore., was too overwhelmed to talk when she sold a 100-year-old glass electric insulator recently on eBay. The shock came at the winning bid: $10,313. Quimby had purchased two insulators, the kind used atop telegraph, telephone, and power poles, for $5 at a garage sale and put one up for sale at a starting price of $5.99. The insulator, which dates to the 1890s, is considered a find by collectors.

Variety marks magazine's Person of the Year picks

In 1927, Time magazine selected aviator Charles Lindbergh as its first Man of the Year, a distinction that has expanded to include women, groups of people, and even an occasional object, such as the computer in 1982. The cover is reserved for those who've had the most influence on events in the preceding year, for better or worse. President George W. Bush is the 2004 Person of the Year, as he was in 2000, as he began his first term. The last 10 Time Persons of the Year:

1995 Newt Gingrich
1996 Dr. David Ho(doctor dedicated to fighting AIDS)
1997 Andy Grove (Intel CEO and a leader of the digital revolution)
1998 Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr
1999 Jeff Bezos ( founder)
2000 George W. Bush
2001 Rudolph Giuliani
2002 Whistleblowers
2003 The American soldier
2004 George W. Bush -

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