Richard Lugar

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Richard Lugar (R) of Indiana, was Wednesday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On whether the Jan. 30 election in Iraq will be seen as legitimate:

"Somebody waiting for perfection in all this - or even for stability - is going to wait a long time, because the opponents are going to keep shooting it up throughout this period, attempting to ... knock the train off the tracks."

On his sense of the new intelligence reform legislation:

"At the end of the day, probably the organizational structure is improved. I say 'probably,' because the bill is extremely complex. We will all be in a period of discovery ... as to what is [in] there."

On dealing with nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea:

"I think in both situations we have some very difficult diplomacy ahead of us in which you try to contain the situation."

On rebuilding the US alliance with certain European governments:

"[In] rebuilding the alliance, we are probably going to need to find items on the agenda in which we have common aims.... I think the democracy movement in the Middle East is one of them."

On the status of bipartisanship in Senate foreign policy dealings:

"In our Foreign Relations Committee ... it is possible to gain substantial consensus. I would not characterize our situation as an oasis in a desert of acrimony - but why not?"

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