Autumn riddles

See if you can identify the homonyms, or sound-alikes, contained in these rhymes that refer to the fall season.

1. A set of notes
that sound so good;
an apple gored,
a pile of wood.
2. Thick with leaves,
or why it's dark;
a Roman's teeth,
or hollow marks.
3. A ranking man
in times of war;
a bit of truth,
a corny core.
4. It's on the sidewalk
or sometimes white;
a cloth for ships
in wind, a sight.
5. A prickly one,
a two-some set;
to skin an apple
or lower a debt.
6. What's blue or black
or even straw?
To hide from view;
to inter by law.
7. It's what we hear
in a ringing bell;
to skip out fast,
or shed a shell.


(1) chord, cored, cord; (2) dense, dents; (3) colonel, kernel; (4) sale, sail; (5) pear, pair, pare; (6) berry, bury;(7) peal, peel.

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