A Week's Worth

Market bounce: The clear verdict of the presidential election buoyed Wall Street. The Dow enjoyed its biggest one-day gain in more than a year; the S&P 500 reaching its highest level in more than two. The rally extended into Friday after a rosy jobs report showed a 337,000 uptick last month - twice the number forecast and the largest gain in seven months.

Put off that trip to Europe: The dollar slid to a new low against the euro, which climbed to more than $1.29. That spells trouble for American tourists traveling to Europe. But it helps American firms exporting there, because their goods, priced in dollars, are now effectively cheaper.

Corporate charity rises: Total giving rose from $3.1 billion in 2002 to $3.9 billion last year, the Conference Board reported in a survey of 134 firms.

Subtle bias: Women don't receive the frank performance evaluations that men get, according to a survey by Novations/J. Howard & Associates. The Boston consulting firm says female workers deserve the same honesty.

Confounded interest: To build a nest egg for retirement, would you rather save $100 a month from age 30 to 65 - or $100 a month from age 21 to 30? When Guardian Life Insurance and Harris Interactive asked baby boomers that question, 76 percent picked the first option, even though the second option pays more (as long as their investments return at least 7 percent or so a year).

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