Costumes of choice for 2004's trick-or-treaters

The latest "Spiderman" movie, with its attendant marketing blitz, is having a lingering impact even though it was released back in June. According to the National Retail Federation, Spiderman is emerging as 2004's most popular Halloween costume. That doesn't mean, however, that generic standbys (such as witches and ghosts) won't turn up at your door a week from Sunday. Most costumes are inspired by characters on children's TV shows, such as SpongeBob Square Pants, the beloved sea sponge seen on the Nickelo-deon channel. The favorite Halloween costumes for 2004, as reported by the retailers who sell them:

1. Spiderman
2. princess
3. witch
4. vampire
5. monster
6. SpongeBob
7. Ninja
8. athlete
9. ghost
10. Power Rangers

Earlier lists

If the results of an online survey are any indication, you should expect to see a greater than usual number of green faces when - candy in hand - you answer the door Oct. 31. Movie/ comic-book hero "The Hulk" was the costume of choice for boys in the poll by the website Barbie got the most votes for girls. The site's five most popular choices for young trick-or-treaters:

1. The Hulk
2. Harry Potter
3. Spider-Man
4. Pirate king
5. Power Ranger
1. Barbie
2. Tinkerbelle
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Hagatha (witch costume)
5. Mega star - PR Newswire


Blasts from the Past
Fun In Numbers
Add a Twist
Singing Sensations
Real Life, Real Heroes
Traditional Takes
Fabulous Fantasies

Source: Home Sewing Association (


Wizards a la Harry Potter
Rock stars (Britney or J. Lo)
Professional sports figures
A uniform of your own
Super heroes and action figures
Historical influences (Henry VIII, Cleopatra)
Vampy and Sultry (movie "Moulin Rouge")
Western wear

Source: Home Sewing Association (


Broadway shows
Film characters
Television stars
Exotic and ethnic
Wizards and sorcerers
Historical dress
Vintage dress
Classic fairy tale characters
'A little bit of Glam'

Source: Home Sewing Association (

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