Thomas Reynolds

US Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R) of New York, chairman of his party's National Congressional Committee, was Monday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On the battle for control of the House from the GOP standpoint:

"The landscape looks pretty good. I think we are on track to fulfill my goal of bringing back [all of] our 228-member conference."

On claims by House Democratic leaders that an election breeze is blowing in their party's favor:

"As much as they huff and puff about this, it is not developing. Democratic leaders talk about this national breeze, and the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] is running advertising talking about how [US Rep.] Jim Matheson [a Utah Democrat] stands with President Bush. That is not exactly a message that is indicative of a national breeze."

On the impact of Iraq on congressional races:

"Our races will be determined by kitchen-table issues. There is one race ... that has Iraq in the debate. [New Mexico GOP Rep. Heather Wilson's Democratic opponent] claimed publicly that she was a friend of Osama bin Laden."

On Democratic efforts to use majority leader Tom DeLay's admonishment by the Ethics Committee as a campaign issue:

"I look at it as a nuisance and mischief more than anything.... DeLay has not been charged with anything."

On whether either presidential candidate is likely to have coattails in House races:

"None. I don't see any evidence of it at all."

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