Whadya mean it's not legal?

With the air turning crisp and the trees ablaze with autumn color, this is a special time for a wedding amid the hills of history-steeped Connecticut. What could possibly spoil the occasion? Well, how about being notified that the nuptials don't count? That potential exists at the Church of Christ in Voluntown. It straddles the line separating the town from Sterling - and New London County from Windham County, each of which issues licenses that are not binding in the other. During the ceremony, a couple must take care that they're on the side of the line in which their permit was issued.

Commuter perks help put brakes on driving miles

Because the Environmental Protection Association wants to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, it has taken on the task of ranking Fortune 500 companies with the best commuting benefits for employees. Together, the EPA estimates, the top 20 businesses help to lessen driving by 250 million miles a year, saving more than 12 million gallons of fuel. To qualify, a company must provide such perks as monthly transit/vanpool subsidies, lockers and showers for bikers or walkers, a commuter coordinator, and incentives for those who live near work. Intel Corp., the semiconductor giant, tops this year's list of commuter-friendly companies by offering benefits to almost 90 percent of its employees. The best workplaces for commuters, according to the EPA, and their home bases:

1. Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif.

2. Fannie Mae, Washington
3. Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif.
4. United Services Automobile Association, San Antonio
5. Sun Microsystems Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.
6. Oracle Corp., Redwood City, Calif.
7. Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.
8. Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas
9. Safeco Corp., Seattle
10. EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass.
- Associated Press

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