Well, it looked real

Imagine the surprise of the actors and camera crew at an outdoor film shoot earlier this week in Novi Sad, 30 miles north of Belgrade. Just as their scene was rounding into shape for a multimedia presentation at the Serbian National Theater, 30 police officers arrived, surrounded them with guns drawn, confiscated their props, and rudely hauled them down to the station for questioning. After a while, they all were let go - minus the props - with a warning. So, what was the fuss all about? Alas, no one had bothered to obtain official permission for the actors to don black stocking masks and carry toy weapons and plastic bags stuffed with fake loot ... for a simulated bank robbery.

Without Jewish comics, we might all be laughing less

A celebration began this month to celebrate 350 years of Jews in America. As a people, they have made major contributions in many walks of life - especially in the world of comedy. Without Jewish entertainers, comedy wouldn't be nearly as rich or as uproarious. So many Jewish stand-up comedians and comic actors have tickled American funny bones that there isn't room to list them all. But (in alphabetical order) here's a start:

Woody Allen
Jack Benny
Milton Berle
Victor Borge
Fanny Brice
Mel Brooks
George Burns
Sid Caesar
Billy Crystal
Rodney Dangerfield
Buddy Hackett
Alan King
Jerry Lewis
The Marx Brothers
Jackie Mason
Gilda Radner
Don Rickles
Joan Rivers
Mort Sahl
Jerry Seinfeld
Yacov Smirnoff
Henny Youngman
- Diego Jewish Journal

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