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I had to ask permission from the Secret Service, the Boston Fire Department, and the Boston police to get this shot of vice presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards and his family at the Democratic National Convention. A lot of maneuvering, strategizing, and sitting around goes into getting photos at a political convention. As bigger-name speakers appear, waiting times lengthen proportionately. I had secured a good spot high in the arena the night Senator Edwards was to speak. I'd been assured he would stand on the left of the stage. I waited a long time. Then suddenly it was clear he would stand on the right. To my horror, I saw that now my angle was all wrong. I grabbed my equipment and ran to the other side of the arena, searching for a new spot. I talked my way past the Secret Service and sat on a stairway to photograph Edwards as he entered the arena, but then a fire marshal shooed me away. Two nearby Boston policemen yelled at me when I asked if I could shoot from the empty handicapped area. Instead I scrambled higher; a bank of lights partially blocked my view. But then - ah! - I caught Edwards as he reluctantly left the spotlight, following his family offstage.

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