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Inflation in check? Despite the recent rise in oil prices, a government measure of wholesale prices fell 0.1 percent in August - a strong sign that inflation doesn't threaten to derail the recovery. Economists had expected a slight rise in the Producer Price Index.

When shareholders revolt, chief executives sometimes listen. Michael Eisner, Disney's embattled CEO, said that he would step down when his contract expires in 2006. Nearly half of Disney shareholders withheld support for his reelection in March.

What really worries business is not terrorism. Only 1 percent of chief financial officers, treasurers, and risk managers cited "terrorism/sabotage" as a significant danger, according to a survey by property insurer FM Global. Instead, most cited property-related hazards such as fires and supply disruptions.

Too hot to handle: A third of the top holdings of the 24 largest equity mutual funds could be hurt by financial risks caused by global warming - or helped by their efforts to combat it. That's the conclusion of Results For America, a project of a Boston area nonprofit, which has set up a website (www.CookingYourNestEgg.org) for investors to check on their holdings.

Ban the penny? The idea, which got some attention here two years ago, has gained momentum in Europe. Following the lead of Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands have moved to ditch their one- and two-cent coins because they're not worth the hassle to count.

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