Well, we were hungry, OK?

The grocery store in Laangemaala, Sweden, had been burgled; there was no doubt about that. The thieves wrecked a wall to break in after closing time earlier this week, found what they wanted, helped themselves, and fled. So, how much money did they steal? Who said they took any? In fact, the cash register wasn't touched. Nor was a pile of bills on a table in the office - or even the stash of cigarettes in the tobacco storeroom. On the other hand, the stocks of fish balls, shrimp, and batteries were severely depleted. Said owner Yvonne Holm, "It puzzles both me and the police."

Go West (or East), if you're hoping to earn millions

Although self-made millionaires can be found almost anywhere in the United States, Forbes magazine maintains they're more apt to emerge in cities where five criteria come together: the number of active venture capital firms in each and the number of investments they make; the educational level of the work force; proximity to a major university or research center; and the number of billionaires in the area. The cities Forbes rates as the "Best Places to Get Rich":

1. Menlo Park/Palo Alto, Calif.

2. San Francisco
3. Waltham, Mass.
4. Boston/Cambridge, Mass.
5. Redwood City, Calif.
6. New York
7. Lexington, Mass.
8. Cupertino, Calif.
9. Princeton, N.J.
10. Wellesley, Mass.

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