If they can do it, so can I

It has happened again. Remember the item in this space Tuesday about the Indiana couple who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by parachuting from an airplane? Well, they've got nothing on Luree Kohtz. Last Saturday, the Caldwell, Idaho, resident observed her birthday by skydiving "because it's a new adventure." And that was just two years after celebrating the day aboard the mechanical bucking bronco at a county fair. If you're wondering, she's 93.

And ... action!

In Oslo, prosecutors will be able to offer some unusual evidence at the trial of three suspects arrested after an armed robbery earlier this week. Much of the incident was caught on film by cameramen who happened to be nearby, shooting a scene for ... an X-rated movie.

OK, boys and girls: Off to your separate classrooms

Most people probably view same-sex schools and classrooms as anachronisms. But now that the federal No Child Left Behind Act is spurring experimentation, some school districts are trying the format, hoping it will help teachers and administrators focus on the different ways boys and girls learn. And with enforcement of antidiscrimination educational law also changing, schools can try the format without being sued. According to the National Association of Single Sex Publication Education, only four public schools offered single-sex instruction eight years ago. Today, at least 143 do - or will begin to this acdemic year. States that already offer same-sex public schools, and their number:

1. Ohio 7
2. New York 6
3. Pennsylvania 4
4. Texas 3
5. California 2
Colorado Kentucky North Carolina Oregon
10. Arizona 1
Illinois Maryland South Carolina Washington Wisconsin

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