Key moments in Darfur tragedy


February Rebels capture the town of Gulu, demanding economic development, powersharing, and a disarming of the government-funded militias, called the Janjaweed.

July Sudan government launches offensive.

December Cease-fire signed in September officially collapses.


January Government launches new offensive against the rebels; the Janjaweed reportedly increase attacks on civilians.

February President Omar El Bashir proclaims victory and says refugees may return home.

May Fighting spills into neighboring Chad; Chadian soldiers clash with Janjaweed.

July 30 UN Security Council passes Resolution 1556, giving Sudan 30 days to disarm the Janjaweed and bring those responsible for human rights violations to justice.

Thursday Jan Pronk, UN's special envoy to Sudan, presents findings to Security Council.

Sources: Human Rights Watch, news wires

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