A Week's Worth

Good enough? The economy grew 2.8 percent in the second quarter - lower than the 3 percent initially forecast but slightly better than economists had expected. But consumer sentiment fell, says a University of Michigan index.

The highest-earning state is now New Jersey, where the average household makes $55,221, just edging out former No. 1 Maryland, with $55,213, according to census figures. West Virginia is the lowest-earning state, with $31,210.

Going postal: The US Postal Service has given the green light to a Los Angeles firm to test technology that lets people personalize their stamps with a picture. Babies were popular in a pretest trial; pets made up about 10 percent of the orders. The stamps come in varying denominations. A standard 37-cent stamp costs about 85 cents with a photo.

A peek into mutual funds: Starting Tuesday, mutual funds will have to disclose how they voted on proxy votes of the companies they own. Socially responsible investors, in particular, are keen to see if funds are voting for efforts to reduce global warming, keep chief executive officers from also chairing a company's board, and improve the oversight and independence of auditors.

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