So who is pasting whom?

In movie after movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger has played a tough guy: "Terminator," "Eraser," "Commando," a secret agent, a - well, you get the idea. But now almost anyone can lick him with one hand tied behind the back. A postage-stamp image of him, that is. To mark his birthdate, July 30, the government of his native Austria is issuing 600,000 copies of the stamp, which features the California governor's picture. "He is one of the most famous Austrians," a spokesman for the postal service said. "We can be very proud of him."

Boy, do you look silly

Ever witnessed fellow zoo-goers' antics in front of the ape habitat and wondered how the primates would retaliate if they could? In the new center for African apes at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, they can touch a hidden panel that triggers a burst of air directly at such visitors. It's harmless, but is calculated to have shock value.

Baseball's 'Bull Durham' is king of the sports movies

Hollywood has long found baseball to be fertile cinematic ground. This is reflected in ESPN's choice of "Bull Durham," a 1988 hit starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon about the life of a minor league player for the Durham (N.C.) Bulls, as the top sports flick of all time. A 15-member panel of columnists and contributors to ESPN's Page 2 website cast votes, with 20 points for a first-place vote, 19 points for second, etc. No movie received a vote from every panelist. The top 10 selections, voter points (in parentheses), and year each was released:

1. "Bull Durham" (206) 1988
2. "Rocky" (204) 1976
3. "Raging Bull" (172) 1980
4. "Hoosiers" (167) 1987
5. "Slap Shot" (166) 1977
6. "The Natural" (150) 1984
7. "Field of Dreams" (122)1989
8. "Caddyshack" (121) 1980
9. "The Hustler" (113) 1961
10. "The Longest Yard" (109) 1974

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