Summery and similar

Sit back, cool your heels, and see if you can identify the summer-celebrating homonyms in the verses below.

1. A miner's strike;
An island name;
Words of choice;
Are paddles the same?

2. A sub for rain,
This watering gear;
Gardening tools;
A sock so sheer.

3. Wet relief
On a hot, summer day;
A leafy branch;
A polecat's 'say.'

4. To put one's money
together, as all;
A tank with water;
A game of 'eight ball.'

5. The bark of a hound;
A leaf used in stew;
Part of a sea;
A reddish-brown hue.

6. A manly suit
In pool or lake;
But when you'd travel,
It's 'steamers' you'd take.

7. Stow it in a barn
to avoid the wet;
In boats, use pails,
And not a net


(1) ores, Orr's Island is in southeast Maine, ors (as in 'either, or'), oars; (2) hose, hoes, hose (as in hosiery); (3) spray; (4) pool; (5) bay, bay leaf, a 'bay' horse is reddish brown; (6) trunks; (7) bale (of hay), bail.

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