Pakistan's tribal fight in Waziristan

March 16-28, 2004: A major Pakistani operation against foreign militants and their local supporters in Waziristan leaves 130 dead, including 48 security forces.

April 18: At Pakistan's behest, a tribal force, or lashkar, heads out to hunt for local Al Qaeda supporters. None are found.

April 24: Pakistan strikes a deal with Naik Mohammad and four other tribal leaders accused of sheltering Al Qaeda. Foreigners, excluding top militants, are offered amnesty provided they disarm, obey Pakistani laws, and register with authorities.

April 30: An initial registration deadline passes with no foreigners stepping forward.

May 10: Naik Mohammad says that no foreign militants are hiding in areas under his control. Islamabad dismisses the claim.

May 15: An extended registration deadline comes and goes; still no registrants.

May 5 and 20: US forces cross the Pakistani border into Waziristan and retreat after official protests. Many see the raids as US pressure on Islamabad to act militarily.

May 30: Pakistani forces block roads to the main town of Wana and shut down its bazaar as part of "economic sanctions."

June 7-9: Another lashkar heads out and returns empty-handed.

June 9-14: Pakistan attacks Al Qaeda hideouts near the Afghan border. At least 72 people are killed, including 55 militants.

June 17: A Pakistani rocket attack kills Naik Mohammad after his phone is traced.

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