Mozart? Is he in this, too?

If you'll be in Manchester, England, this weekend, why not try to catch Saturday's performance by classical violinist Daniel Axworthy at the Trafford Centre? Which numbers will he be playing, you ask? Well, although he will be on stage, it won't exactly be for a concert appearance. Unlike most other serious musicians, Axworthy also is a devotee of arm wrestling and is scheduled for at least one match in ArmWars VII, the International Tournament of Champions. His first-round opponent: fellow Briton and defending bantamweight champion Steve Rogers. Axworthy said he took up the grueling sport on a dare but finds that it has helped to strengthen his grip on the fingerboard. Or, as he put it: "It has intensified the vibrato, and trills are easier."

Public colleges where the education is a bargain

A list of the best bargains in college education in the US, as compiled by Consumers Digest, appeared in this space May 27. Since then, however, the magazine's editors discovered a mistake in its computer-generated rankings. After fixes to the software, a virtually all-new top 10 list - with Eastern Oregon University the only carry-over - has emerged. The recalculated results take the relative measure of student and institutional factors, such as the number of PhDs on the faculty, graduation rates, and student-to-faculty ratio. The revised top-value public colleges and universities:

1. Florida International University
2. Eastern Oregon University
3. California Polytechnic State (San Luis Obispo)
4. North Dakota State University
5. North Georgia College & State University
6. Utah State University
7. University of North Florida
8. Truman State University (Kirksville, Mo.)
9. Southern Utah University
10. University of Mississippi

[Editor's note: This list replaces the original version.]

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