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Let's say you work for a charity that helps the needy, and you find your office has been burgled. Do you call the police? Not if the charity is Humanitas, whose facilities in Arnhem, Netherlands, were broken into recently. But the actions of the thief, who helped himself to some food, clearly weighed on his conscience, and he left a note: "When I'm less hard up, I'll make a small contribution to your account." That's all Humanitas needed to know. Calling the burglary "a nuisance," it nonetheless said, "It leaves a feeling that there are still good thieves."

I'm just resting my eyes

Speaking of the Dutch, they've graded out highest in a survey among Europeans of alertness in the workplace. Of 21,500 respondents from 14 countries (assuming, that is, that everyone told the truth) 80 percent from the Netherlands said they never nod off at the office. The continental average of those who admitted to sleeping on the job was 24 percent. The Irish were the champion snoozers, at 40 percent.

Living in Georgia is, well, peachy, census data say

Population growth has taken off in Georgia. The Peach State is home to 20 of the 100 fastest-growing US counties - and half of of the top 10 - according to Census Bureau data collected between 2000 and 2003. Most are in metropolitan Atlanta, although the distinction of fastest-growing belongs to Virginia's Loudoun County, the home of Washington Dulles International Airport. The top 10 counties, with the percentage increase of their population growth over the past three years:

1. Loudoun (Va.) 30.7%
2. Chattahoochee (Ga.) 29.9%
3. Douglas (Colo.) 27.1%
4. Rockwall (Texas) 26.8%
5. Forsyth (Ga.) 25.8%
6. Henry (Ga.) 25.7%
7. Flagler (Fla.) 24.8%
8. Newton (Ga.) 22.8%
9. Paulding (Ga.) 22.7%
10. Kendall (Ill.) 22.0%

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