James Carville and Stanley Greenberg

Democracy Corps cofounders James Carville (l.)and Stanley Greenberg were Wednesday's guests. They discussed the group's new public opinion poll. Here are excerpts from their remarks:

On President Bush's prospects for reelection:

(Greenberg) "He is not just in danger, he is more likely to lose than win." (The May 10-13 poll can be found at www.democracycorps.com)

On the desire among voters for a change in direction:

(Greenberg) "You have a public that wants change, and those numbers keep growing dramatically - both on the economy and on the war."

On Ralph Nader's impact:

(Greenberg) "He will be less of a factor because I don't think this election is going to be close."

On the likelihood of a change in course in Iraq:

(Carville) "Events are going to change drastically. I just think Bush is going to announce a troop pullout before the election. You'd knock me over with a feather if he doesn't."

On prospects for a third party by the 2008 election:

(Carville) "[In] 2008 there is going to be a significant third- party movement in the United States that is going to combine Naderism and Buchanan-ism. It is going to be anti- immigration, antitrade, very, very cool on military intervention. It would certainly not be great for Democrats to have that."

On the impact of another terrorist attack on the US:

(Greenberg) "Attacks outside the country ... do not help the president. [On] attacks inside the country, I think the instinct is to rally to the president."

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