Planting parlance

'Tis the season for pacing out the garden, planting seeds, and counting the days to your favorite vegetables and flowers. See how many homonyms you can identify among these verses about your spadework.

1. A rooster standing
Poised and flighty;
A place for gold;
What's high and mighty.
2. It's what you pay
On a plane or bus;
When weather's clear;
A harvest fuss.
3. To take a stitch;
From 'thus,' it follows;
To spread some seeds
In a garden's hollows.
4. 'Twas way before;
Or brisk or still;
To stray or goof;
Who's in the will?
5. It's seven days
That make this term;
Of little force,
Not strong, not firm.
6. A place that's made
For honeymoons;
A flower's scent;
A set of tunes.
7. A cousin to 'Lace';
A mark showing lack;
A weight used for gems;
A soily snack.


(1) vane (weather), vein, vain; (2) fare, fair, fair; (3) sew, so, sow; (4) ere, air, err, heir; (5) week, weak; (6) suite, sweet, suite; (7) carrot (Queen Anne's Lace), caret, carat, carrot.

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