Tuning in: On TV this week.

Saturday May 15

Lewis Black: Black on Broadway (HBO, 10-11 p.m.): The stand-up comic renowned for his work on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" begins his riff on the state of American culture slowly, with just a little disgust. But as he gathers steam, he whips himself into a frenzy of fury. Black's masterly comic rage explodes on stage in dynamic stories, but the strong language is not for everyone.

Sunday May 16

Without Prejudice (BBC America, 8-9p.m.): What is really interesting about this "reality" game show is that we focus on the judges rather than on the contestants. The panel of judges are ordinary citizens who evaluate a series of candidates and decide who will win prize money just for being "themselves." The premise is based on the idea that we form judgments about others within seconds of meeting them.

Monday May 17

Colonial House (PBS, check local listings, Mondays and Tuesdays May 17-May 25): The four-part series, in which a group of people try to live like the Puritan settlers of 1628, reveals the challenges of surviving drafty cabins and short rations. While all of them find it hard to put up with the dominance of one male governor, it's the women who find the strict laws hard to bear.

Tuesday May 18

Gilmore Girls Season Finale (WB, 8-9 p.m.): Lorelai and Sookie at last open their inn. Luke seems to be a bit more attentive to Lorelai. And Rory and Dean seem to be cozier. It may sound like a soap, but it's much cleverer than any daytime version of melodrama. Just as the grandparents Gilmore find out that marital love may not be enough to solve their problems, Rory learns that romantic love may just worsen hers.

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