Test your Arbor Day ardor

National Arbor Day (arbor is Latin for 'tree') is a tree-planting day observed on the last Friday in April - although many states observe it on different dates according to their best tree-planting times. See if you can find the trees in these 'related' words.

1. a sandy shoreline
2. a spiny tropical fruit
3. a strong cardboard
4. an Indian canoe
5. to curry favor (think fruit)
6. extremely pale
7. slender and graceful
8. neat and trim in appearance
9. a small wooden barrel
10. to get rid of by trickery or guile
11. a city where movies are made
12. a soup made with okra
13. the inside of the hand
14. a blue and white dinnerware
15. fine and wonderful


(1) beach/ beech tree
(2) pineapple/ pine tree (or apple tree)
(3) oaktag/ oak tree
(4) birchbark canoe/ birch tree
(5) to apple polish/ apple tree
(6) ashen/ ash tree
(7) willowy/ willow tree
(8) spruced up/ spruce tree
(9) firkin/ fir tree
(10) to palm off/ palm tree
(11) Hollywood/ holly
(12) gumbo/ gum tree
(13) palm/ palm tree
(14) willowware/ willow tree
(15) peachy/ peach tree

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