Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington and national security adviser to President Carter, was Tuesday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On what troubles him most about us policy in Iraq:

"We are in the process of alienating not only much of the Muslim world .. [but also] we are alienating most of our friends."

On the conduct of the US occupation of Iraq:

"What we are seeing ... is, unfortunately, a gradual spread of the view among the Iraqis that they are dealing with an assertive, ham-handed occupation that's ... humiliating them and increasingly oppressing them. And, therefore, I expect the violence to rise up."

On the link between Iraq and US Middle East policy:

"If we want to deal with Iraq, we have to deal with the Israeli -Palestinian problem at the same time. There is no extrication from Iraq with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict going on."

On the need for reform of US intelligence activities:

"We are dealing with a porous, primitive regime and ... with primitive, clandestine terrorist groups, and we are totally uninformed.... We badly need a decent, competitive, highly professional, clandestine service that is able to penetrate regimes such as Iraq's."

On the behavior of some 9/11 commissioners:

"I am just amazed at the way this commission has been permitted to just flood the talk shows.... It is beginning to look like a partisan exercise."

An expanded report is available at: http://blogs.csmonitor.com/cooks_capitol/

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