We're both a little scruffy

How can you tell a dog with a pedigree from a mixed breed? Answer: Look at their owners. Researchers at the University of California-San Diego have completed a study in which students were shown photos of 45 randomly selected canines and, separately, their masters, and were asked to pair each pooch with its pal. Of the 25 purebreds, 16 were matched correctly by the participants. Of the 20 mutts, only 7 were. Asked for comment, an American Kennel Club spokeswoman said, "People are attracted to looks and temperaments [in a dog] that reflect themselves."

Hollywood: A place where celebrities are underfoot

While media mogul Ted Turner is no movie star, last week he was given his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The irony: His came before his former wife, Jane Fonda, the winner of two Academy Awards for Best Actress, has even been nominated. Turner would seem to be a natural for the "television industry" category, if only because his Turner Classic Movies cable channel airs vintage films without commercial interruption. More than 2,000 entertainment celebrities in five categories have been honored with stars since 1960. Those given the Walk of Fame star treatment this year (not including posthumous honorees Elizabeth Montgomery, Ethel Waters, and Dr. Seuss):

Halle Berry
Glenn Close
Kevin Costner
Patty Duke
Steve Edwards
Anthony Hopkins
José José
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Mickey Rooney and Jan Rooney
Brooke Shields
Nancy Sinatra
John Singleton
Britney Spears
Ted Turner
Cindy Williams
Hans Zimmer
- The Hollywood Walk of Fame

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