Please help me, I'm falling

Next time Steven Jehu travels to a gymnastics competition, he probably will want to be on the ground floor of his hotel. He'd just arrived for the annual European Championships in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and discovered he could open the window of his fifth-floor room. In doing so, the British teenager put too much weight on a metal bar, and it collapsed. En route to the ground 33 feet below, he had the presence of mind to execute a somersault - as he would from his favorite event, the rings - and brace for a routine landing. He'll watch this week's action from the sidelines because of a broken bone, but otherwise is unhurt.

We're SO happy you're here

China's Gansu Province is so thinly populated that it treasures every resident. So much so that the government has budgeted $360,000 to be paid in bonuses scaled according to their longevity. They kick in at age 90 ($36 a year) and rise to $120 for centenarians.

US presidents: From 'no college' to Yale-educated

Although presidential rivals George W. Bush and John Kerry differ politically, they share a common academic background. Both graduated from Yale University - Kerry in 1966, Bush in 1968. They also were members of Yale's secretive Skull and Bones society. After next November's election, therefore, a Yale alum is sure to sit in the Oval Office. Harvard, however, leads all schools with five presidents: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy. By contrast, eight presidents never attended college. The latter class, in chronological order, among the 43 presidents:

George Washington 1st
Andrew Jackson 7th
Martin Van Buren 8th
Zachary Taylor 12th
Millard Fillmore 13th
Abraham Lincoln 16th
Andrew Johnson 17th
Grover Cleveland 22nd
Harry Truman 33rd

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