Baseball hits

Baseball provides us with many popular expressions. Do you know what they mean in everyday usage, and what they mean in the sport?

1. southpaw

2. to be in there pitching

3. to touch all the bases

4. right off the bat

5. in the ballpark

6. to take a swing at


(1) A left-handed person. In many ballparks, the pitcher faces west, so the throwing arm of a left-handed pitcher is on the south side; (2) To still be active and vocal, from a pitcher who is still throwing the ball well in a game; (3) To take every precaution or receive every necessary approval, from touching all the bases after hitting a home run; (4) Suddenly or abruptly, as in the way a baseball rebounds off the bat when it is hit; (5) A rough estimate or 'guesstimate'; also called a 'ballpark figure.' It refers to a number that is fairly close - to within the confines of a ballpark. (6) To give something a try, from a batter swinging his bat at a pitched ball.

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