Animal riddles

See if you can ferret out the critters and their homonyms in these rhymes. (For example: bear and bare, deer and dear.)

1. A rich dessert a chilly fare;
a woodland hulk;
a foam for hair.

2. A hurried escape a thrash or whack;
the youngest member
of a sheepish pack.

3. Brown and bumpy,
with a froggy look;
a car or boat that's
pulled by hook.

4. A hairy steed an equine source;
a voice that's raspy,
weak, and coarse.

5. A pheasant, duck,
or barnyard bird;
a ball hit 'OUT!';
the 'mess up' word.

6. A mournful cry
of wind, a plea;
a mammal-fish that's
out to sea.

7. A bird of meadow,
of morning, too;
a whim, a prank,
a merry to-do.


(1) mousse, moose

(2) lam, lamb

(3) toad, towed

(4) horse, hoarse

(5) fowl, foul

(6) wail, whale

(7) lark, lark

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