Have a what day?

Running errands on my lunch break is something I do almost every day. I spend the hour driving like a crazy woman from the drug store to the grocery store to the dry cleaner trying to get caught up, but a recent errand forced me to catch up on something else.

I only meant to run in and out of the drug store. Five minutes, tops, is usually all it takes, unless there is shampoo or moisturizer on the list - then it takes 30 minutes for me to make up my mind. I grabbed the disposable razors I needed and walked my hurried walk to stand in line at the checkout. An older woman in front of me counted out her change. I checked the clock on my cellphone, took a deep breath, and stood there getting lost in my thoughts.

The cashier at the register sat there patiently, even helping the woman with the change. As the register spat out the receipt, the cashier handed the bag over and said, "Have a blessed day."

A list of errands running through my head disappeared. What did she say? I ran the sentence by again. "Have a 'blast' day? Have a 'best' day?" I stepped up to the register. The smiling cashier took my razors and asked, "How are you?"

"I'm fine. How are you?"

She said, "I am blessed."

I was silent. Blessed? Suddenly my sense of urgency was gone, the clock didn't matter, and neither did my next stop. That word took over the moment.

My mind started flipping through memories and running down lists of all I have to be thankful for - of all I am blessed with: a husband I adore, my family, great friends, a nephew, wonderful in-laws, my dogs, a job that pays the bills, government loans for the college education I always wanted. Even the most painful events of my life had little blessings attached to them.

My chest started swelling with happiness, and my eyes filled a little. Finally, I said to the cashier quietly, "You are blessed. That's really great."

As she handed my razors to me she said, "Have a blessed day."

Thanks to her, I did.

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