You're 1,000 percent wrong

The debate on obesity now - um - consuming both houses of Congress already is history in Britain. But probably not in the way you'd think. Last month, Department of Health staffers found it necessary to correct the record after their chief, Lord Warner, claimed 900,000 extremely overweight people were receiving government disability benefits at a cost of $134 million a week. Not so, as it turns out. The accurate numbers: 900 people and $134,000.

Maybe you'd like a desk job

Speaking of physical profiles in Britain, its secret service has announced that applicants for 1,000 new field agent slots must be no taller than 5 feet, 11 inches, so as not to stand out in a crowd. That would rule out James Bond - or at least every actor who has played him in films. Each is at least 6 feet.

No one's perfect - at least not in 2004 Hoops tourney

No major-college men's basketball team has gone undefeated since Indiana in 1976, and none will this year, either. Stanford and St. Joseph's of Philadelphia came as close as possible, losing only their last regular-season games, for the best records (29-1 and 27-1, respectively) entering the National Collegiate Athletic Association's championship tournament, which opens Thursday. Not all undefeated teams have played in the tournament, however. North Carolina State in 1973 and Kentucky in 1954 were ineligible. The spotless teams, their winning streaks, and the years involved:

Indiana (32-0) 1976
UCLA (30-0) 1973
North Carolina State (27-0) 1973
UCLA (30-0) 1972
UCLA (30-0) 1967
UCLA (30-0) 1964
North Carolina (32-0) 1957
San Francisco (29-0) 1956
Kentucky (25-0) 1954
Army (15-0) 1944
Seton Hall (19-0) 1940
Long Island University- Brooklyn (24-0) 1939
- National Collegiate Athletic Association

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