It just slipped my mind

In Jordan last week, the mail brought divorce papers to a woman whose husband had ended their marriage. So? Well, that happened 42 years ago. She went on to wed again and has children by her second spouse. The matter might not have surfaced at all except that hubby No. 1 recently applied for a new government-issued identity card requiring an indication of marital status.

Seeking a mate? Try moving to Miami or Washington

If you're a working "single" hoping to meet people of the opposite sex, location may not be your principal concern. On the other hand, choosing the right city can't hurt. With that in mind, the Employment Policy Foundation studied the work forces of the 20 largest US metropolitan areas to determine which, statistically, are best for singles. The place to be for women: Miami. Washington would seem to offer the best prospects for men. The top five cities for each gender, with the number of singles of the other sex, from the study:

Men per woman
1. Miami 1.51
2. Phoenix-Mesa, Ariz. 1.43
3. Houston 1.31
4. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Wash. 1.28
5. St. Louis 1.23
Women per man
1. Washington-Baltimore 1.04
2. New York 1.03
3. Cleveland-Lorain-Elyria, Ohio 1.02
4. Atlanta 0.99
5. Detroit (tie) Minneapolis-St. Paul 0.97

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