Senior Iranian officials and the UN International Atomic Energy Agency traded barbs over the extent of the Tehran government's nuclear program. Security Council chief Hassan Rohani said Iran "has given enough answers to the agency's questions" and has "other research projects" it doesn't "think necessary to announce." IAEA director Mohamad ElBaradei said his agency hoped "this will be the last time any aspect of the program has not been declared to us." An IAEA report Tuesday said inspectors last year found another previously undisclosed research program with weapons applications.

Foreigners streamed out of Haiti to try to beat what they anticipated would be an advance on the capital by rebels intent on toppling President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The crisis in the impoverished nation deepened Tuesday as Aristide's political opponents rejected a diplomatic plan that would allow him to stay but would require that he share power with them and call a new national election.

Tens of thousands of signatures on petitions seeking a recall referendum against President Hugo Chávez can't be validated, Venezuela's elections council said. Its director put the onus on those who signed to come forward and confirm their writing. Opponents called the ruling a "coup" and demanded it be reversed. Chávez has insisted the petition drive was fraudulent and has vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court if the referendum - which must be held by mid-August - is allowed by the elections council.

At least eight people died when police in northern Uganda turned their guns on a protest against the government's failure to protect against the rebels who overran a refugee camp there last weekend. Local officials and witnesses also disputed President Yoweri Museveni's contention that only 84 people died in that massacre; they put the number at more than 200. The protest took place despite claims by the Army that it had killed 21 of the rebels.

The number of deaths from the magnitude-6.5 earthquake in Morocco Tuesday was upped by authorities to 564, and they predicted it would rise again as emergency crews finally arrive at hard-to-reach areas. Meanwhile, dozens of homeless survivors - angry at what they said was an inadequate response by the government - were blocking highway access to the area.

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