Get out of here with that

When last we looked in on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), it had just tried - and failed - to persuade Hamburg, Germany, to change its name to Veggie-burg, offering $10,500 as an inducement. Undaunted, the group now has attempted the same mission in Slaughterville, Okla. Except in this case, the new name would be Veggieville and the payoff would be $20,000 worth of meatless burgers to a school cafeteria. But the town takes its name from an early merchant, not because livestock were killed there for human consumption, and PETA once again has been sent packing.

Your teen may be thinking 'Career' - just not yours

Teens, apparently, look to their parents for job guidance, but not necessarily as role models for their own careers, if results of a new survey are any indication. Colorado Springs-based Junior Achievement Inc. said it found only 22 percent of teens care to follow in their parents' occupational footsteps. According to the survey, teachers and counselors are the No. 1 source for career information, followed by the Internet. Parents ranked a distant fourth. The careers that respondents said most appeal to them and the percentage who selected each, from the JA survey:

1. Business 12.8 %
2. Medicine 6.5%
3. Teaching 5.4%
4. Computer field (tie) Practice of law 4.9%
6. Entertainment (tie) Pro sports 4.7%
8. Nursing 3.9%
9. Law-enforcement 3.6%
10. Fashion and design 3.5%

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