But will you have argyles?

Last week, at a Chamber of Commerce welcoming lunch-eon in Palmer, Alaska, the manager of a soon-to-open supermarket won a hearty round of cheers. But not because of the 106 new jobs the store will bring to town. Or for the sushi bar and sit-down delicatessen it will feature. No, what prompted the applause was his announcement that the emporium will carry - ahem - underwear and socks. Neither have been available in Palmer for either gender since the early 1990s, when the last of three local clothing retailers went out of business. Residents have had to drive up to 80 miles round-trip to replenish such items. Oh, except for T-shirts - the souvenir type that appeal to tourists.

I'm steamed! Ranking most irksome bathroom habits

When it comes to sharing space, some of life's greatest domestic challenges play out in the bathroom. That's why Moen Inc., a leading maker of faucets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures, commissioned the marketing research group Harris Interactive to determine Americans' pet peeves in bathroom behaviors through a nationwide survey. The idea, as a company statement puts it, was to "open the door and pull back the shower curtain," since identifying such complaints can be key to ironing out differences in a family. The top findings, as determined from 2,000 responses:

1. Not replacing a used-up roll of toilet paper
2. Leaving globs of toothpaste in the sink
(tie) Leaving spots on the mirror
4. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor
1. Leaving hair in the drain or on the soap
2. Leaving wet towels on the floor
3. Not wiping out the shower
4. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor
(tie) Not returning showerhead to its previous height

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