Deborah Price

US Rep. Deborah Pryce of Ohio, chairman of the House Republican Conference, was Thursday's guest. Here are excerpts from her remarks:

On the election-year climate in Congress:

"Things seem to be uglier and uglier by the moment."

On whether the Republican base is motivated:

"I don't think the base is unmotivated. I think you will see issues like gay marriage ... [as] very motivating."

On the key election issue in the Midwest:

"Jobs, jobs, jobs. And we are very hopeful that the policies in place will continue to bring the economy along in a positive way."

On the president's chief economic adviser saying moving jobs overseas is "just a new way to do international trade" :

"That was unfortunate .... Outsourcing is an economic reality as our economy grows and trade increases.... We just need to be careful how we portray things and we also need to let the American people understand that these are issues that are not taken lightly by this administration."

On John Kerry's support from military veterans:

"When you see his record on military spending and on things like intelligence cuts, that hasn't been examined yet. And I think you will see the veterans abandon him."

On the gay marriage issue among House Republicans:

"It is very divisive in our conference.... There is some trepidation that this is going to be divisive for us when we really don't really need to be divided, [but rather] need to be united though this election period.."

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