Point of view: Some images get better with time

Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months on the campaign trail. I've learned most of the candidates' stump speeches and know which lines hit home with audiences. Everything starts to look the same, and I struggle to come up with different images. When I was in Iowa, I followed every candidate for at least a day. I tracked down Howard Dean at this event in Pella.

About half an hour into the event, young Ella Hardy began to fidget. She was the picture-perfect Iowa kid with her flowing blond hair and overalls, so I moved into position to juxtapose her with Governor Dean. She hid under the table, poked her head out, and ran to the front of the stage. Then she came back toward her mother and gave a little yelp. At the time, I thought the picture was funny; but after Dean's infamous "I have a scream" concession speech in Iowa, I think it works even better.

Events often provide additional context for an image and may even change the way people see a photograph. In my mind, what happened a week after the picture was taken enhances its impact now.

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