Finding balance in your life

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

Many people struggle to find a balance in their lives of home and family, community activities, and needed solitude. Amid all the demanding activities of our day, how can we find poise and peace and still get everything done?

What's helped me the most is getting a larger perspective by looking out at the universe and seeing the balance and order of the stars. Even if all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world were thrown out into the immensity of the cosmos, they wouldn't be enough to represent the number of stars in the universe. Yet each star is held in perfect balance by a universal power.

The amazing thing to me is that we are all a part of the universe and are equally connected to the source of that power that holds everything in perfect equilibrium.

I believe the origin of balance and order to be God, divine Principle. It occurred to me that if this divine Principle could hold in order the infinite numbers of stars, surely it could hold in order and balance all aspects of my life.

Recognizing my connection with a universal Principle, and understanding that everyone and everything is interconnected to that one divine Principle, has had a calming and harmonizing effect in my busy life.

When I was reentering the business world when my children were still young, I was concerned about being able to manage taking care of the children and all that included, as well as working outside the home. Would I be able to do everything without being stressed out? Then I had to face the guilt that my family responsibilities might be compromised because I would be spending too much time at work.

I prayed to accept that the Principle ordering the whole universe was operating in my life and was synchronizing every detail in harmony and order. To me that meant that there didn't have to be any pressure, no one would be neglected, and everything good in my life would be managed in a way that expressed the cadence of calm and joy.

I wasn't sure how everything would fit together, but I was sure that this Principle of the universe was omnipotent and omnipresent. No aspect of life can operate outside that all encompassing Principle. "What cannot God do?"

First, the job that I found was a perfect fit. It was a teaching position at a university close to our home. The day I walked in to see if a position was available was the very day they were looking for someone with my experience. I applied and was given the position.

It so happened that the university had a day-care school that was a part of its program, and my daughter and son would be able to go to work with me. There were no children their age in our neighborhood, so the school provided for them wonderful friends and playtime. It was a welcomed addition that really enriched their day. I found that my new job was not compromising my ability to care for my family, but actually enhancing it in a wonderful way.

And even after we moved to another town, the Principle that brought balance and order followed me to the next experience, and I found a job in which the hours I worked coincided exactly with my children's hours in school. I even got the same holidays as they did and was given the summer off. This has shown me that the governing Principle of the universe cares for the balancing and arranging of everything my life.

All the soccer games, community service, job, church activities, dovetail together for good under the law of divine harmony.

Balance is found in understanding our continuous link with the Principle of the universe. That Principle has the power to adjust, order, balance, and unite everything in a way that supports and enriches all that is good in our lives.

The founder of this newspaper, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote, "Let us open our affections to the Principle that moves all in harmony, - from the falling of a sparrow to the rolling of a world" ("Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896," page 174). When we open our affection to this Principle, we find an enduring poise embracing our lives.

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