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Ah, the things that end up in people's trash: perfectly good computers, bundles of cash, classified blueprints of military installations. Classified blueprints? Yes ... at a municipal dump in the Greek sector of ethnically divided Cyprus. To the embarrassment of President Tassos Papadopoulos and Army chiefs, a truck driver found the documents and shared their contents with the news media. Tensions between Greeks and Turks on the Medi-terranean island run high, and the frontier between their sectors bristles with guard posts.

US cities with the most and least active lifestyles

Honolulu, famous for its surfing and beaches, retained its title as "fittest" American city in an annual list by Men's Fitness magazine. Detroit bumped out Houston for the dubious distinction of "fattest city." For its ranking, the magazine compared the 50 largest metropolitan areas on such factors as number of workout studios - and fast-food outlets - per capita, fruit and vegetable consumption, participation in sports, air quality, and TV-watching rates. The top five in each category and their respective rankings in 2003:

Fittest cities
1. Honolulu (1)
2. San Francisco (3)
3. Virginia Beach, Va. (8)
4. Denver (7)
5. Colorado Springs, Colo. (4)
Fattest cities
1. Detroit (3)
2. Houston (1)
3. Dallas (9)
4. San Antonio (13)
5. Chicago (2)
- PR Newswire

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